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 I am currently starting my 15th year of teaching Agriculture Science at Westbrook ISD. This will also be my 31st year of teaching overall. My duties include Agriculture Science classes and serving as FFA Advisor.  Agriculture is a changing field inconsideration of male to female students.  When I started out teaching females made up only a small percentage of the population, while in today's classroom females will make up between 50-60 percent of those enrolled.  There are many activities that both male and female students can succeed in without discrimination.  
The biggest myth that needs to be put to rest is that you must show an animal to be in Agriculture or FFA.. We have had numerous past and present students that have been very active and major leaders in our school and community that have never stepped in the show ring. At Westbrook ISD we have a very active FFA program that is supported by the administration, school board, and parents.  We attend numerous livestock shows, at both the local and state levels, participate in CDE, LDE, and public speaking events again at both the local and state levels.  Attendance at conventions and other leadership activities is an extremely important part of our program.  We are very fortunate that we are allowed to attend the National FFA Convention every other year and have found that to be a great learning experience.
If you have any questions about Westbrook Ag Science or FFA program feel free to contact me at the office at 325-644-2151 or by email david.bray@westbrookisd.com.