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Tips To Increase Exercise

  1. Take turns selecting an activity for the family to do as a group each week.
  2. Limit time spent watching television programs, videotapes, and playing computer games.
  3. Use physical activity rather than food as a reward (e.g. family goes in-line skating).
  4. Emphasize the importance of having fun and learning; avoid a push "to win".
  5. Get off the couch and change the channel manually - or better yet, turn it off!
  6. Dig and plant in the garden...help everyone plant their own vegetables, fruits and flowers.
  7. Play "Twister" or other indoor active games.
  8. Encourage everyone to "act out" a story as you read it.
  9. Build an obstacle course in the basement or garage on a rainy day.
  10. Take a family walk. Even if this is just 20 or 30 minutes after dinner, it can make a difference in your child's level of fitness.
  11. If your children earn an allowance, try to add chores that have a physical component, such as mowing the lawn, raking leaves, or sweeping.
  12. If every time you ask your child to go outside and play he or she whines to let them finish one more video game or chat for five more minutes with a friend, you need to set the rules in advance. Most kids spend 20 hours or more a week watching TV, playing video games, or surfing the web, and not much time running, playing, or getting physical. Make a deal with them: for every 3 hours they surf the web or watch TV, they have to do 1 hour of something physical activity throughout the day in a number of ways.
  13. If they promised when you bought that cute puppy that they would walk the dog, make them stick with the promise. Buy a Frisbee and they will get even more exercise playing catch with the dog.
  14. Buy your kid a jump rope.
  15. Participate in activities with your kids.
  16. Enroll your child in extra-curricular activities.