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Mental Health Services



Westbrook ISD has recently signed a MOU with Texas Tech University Health Science Center to provide psychological and psychiatric services (including grief) to our students in need, free of charge. All that needs to be done initially is to start the referral process and obtain parent permission. There are two different programs that students may participate in: 


The CATR program can provide services, including mental health doctors’ appointments and prescriptions for students while at school for students in 4-12th grade. The student would just step out of class at their appointment time and will participate (with parent) in the service at school. It is preferred that the parent be present (on campus) with the student while in the appointment, but they will make exceptions such as parent participating by phone as long as we have staff close by. One of the great things about this is there is minimal wait time and the majority of referrals are seen within a week from parent signature. 

The other program is CPAN and this program is for students in grades K-12. This program does not take place during the school day. We will simply print off the CPAN flyer and send it home. The parent will then take the flyer to their PCP and they will process the referral.  

Please reach out to your campus counselor or click on the links below if you would like more information about either program. 


CATR: On campus support for students in grades 4th-12th struggling with changes in behavior, mood, relationships or experiencing thoughts of suicide or self-injury.

Child Psychiatry Access Network: Off campus support for students in grades K-12 who may be dealing with anxiety, depression, autism, ADHD, grief, abuse, or other mental/behavioral health concerns.


This process will not take the place of calling mental health crisis in times of immediate concern.