Mission, Vision and Core Beliefs

The mission of Westbrook Independent School District is to prepare students with the necessary skill to be pro-active, pro-social, productive, lifetime learners by providing a positive, nurturing environment.
Committed to Excellence
Core Beliefs:
1.  All students can learn.
2.  Students, teachers, parents, and the community share the responsibility for learning.
3.  A school should be a safe, orderly environment where students respect the rights and property of others.
4.  The curriculum must be relevant and enrich the student’s current and future needs.
5.  The core curriculum is an integral part of all disciplines.
6.  Creativity is promoted.
7.  High expectations should be clearly communicated.
8.  Student participation in both academic and extra-curricular activities is essential to success.
9.  Diversity is an asset.
10. Belief in technology for students.